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The Industrial Park "Great Stone": new residents and new production

New production facilities for the country in the Great Stone Industrial Park are currently organized within 4 basic clusters: automotive components, electric transport and electrical equipment, medical products and equipment (pharmaceuticals) and integrated logistics. At the moment, 14 countries are already into their formation, and that brings the project to a new level of international cooperation and rightfully gives the status of a transnational platform for the development of high-tech industries. According to the international publication "Financial Times", the park was named the best special economic zone of 2020 within the framework of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

In 2020, the park was replenished with 13 new residents with a declared investment volume of more than $ 80 million. At the beginning of the year, the total number of residents amounted to 68 companies with investments of $ 1.2 billion envisaged in investment projects. More than 1,000 job vacansies have been created, the average salary of resident workers is twice as high as the average level in Belarus.

Despite the global epidemiological situation, a widespread slowdown in economic growth and a decrease in investment flows, last year some large companies came to the park: Eurasian Railway Gateway (among the founders - the world-famous logistics operator China Merchants CHN-BLR Commercial and Logistic Company», The management company of the largest river port in Europe, JSC «Duisburger Hafen», etc.), ​​SINOMACHBEL (the founder is a subsidiary of the largest enterprise centrally subordinated to the machine-building industry in China «Sinomach»), etc.

At the end of 2020, the industrial production volume has grown (in comparison with 2019) in 4.4 times (up to 138.8 million rubles), proceeds of the sale of goods – in 3.2 times (188.9 million rubles), export of goods – in 2.3 times (75.8 million dollars), permanent investment - by 15 percent (104.1 million rubles).