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Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus
Belarusian Investment Forum to be held in Germany

Belarusian Investment Forum will be held in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) on November 17, 2010 within the framework of the European Financial Week.

Organizers of the conference from the Belarusian side are: the National Investment Agency, the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Germany, the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

From the German side organizers and partners of the forum are: «Maleki Conferences GmbH» and the Eastern Committee on German economy and Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad (AHKs).

The main objectives of the conference are the following: to increase the investment attractiveness, to form the reputation of the Republic of Belarus as a country with favorable conditions for business and to attract foreign businesses to implement investment projects in the country.

The conference will discuss the following problems: presentation of national economic and investment opportunities, informing representatives of big foreign business about structural economic reforms taking place in Belarus, growth of privatization, the potential of various sectors of Belarusian economy, the benefits of investing in them, the expected impact of the country's participation in the Customs Union; access to specific agreements on further cooperation with foreign partners.

Conference held in the financial center of Europe would attract attention of international organizations, investment securities, foreign companies including large multinational corporations, consultancies, and well known mass media.

The main participants of the Forum - foreign investors interested in investing in the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

Currently there are over 280 registered participants of the Forum. Among the foreign investors who have confirmed their participation are:

- ABN Amro Clearing Bank, BNP Paribas, Commercbank AG,  Eurasian Development Bank, Moscow Bank, Deutsche Bank AG, Rothschild;

- STRABAG, Danieli & Oficcine Meccanice S.P.A, Danone-Unimilk, Enertrag AG, KNAUF, Salamander Industrie Producte, Bosch Termotechnik Gmbh, HeidelbergCement AG, Schwarzkopf & Schröder VB GmbH;

- Standart and Poors, Fitch,  PricewaterhouseCoopers AG;

- The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation, World Bank, Economic Commission for Europe.

The agenda of the conference: two consecutive plenary sessions on the issues: "Why is it advantageous to invest in the Belarusian economy," and "How to Invest in Belarus?" and four parallel sessions organized in the form of the podium discussion.

The foreign reporters at plenary sessions are:

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mangold - Chairman, Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Sergei Glaziev - Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, Moscow

Peter Tils - Managing Director, CEO Central and Eastern Europe, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Albrecht Bürger - Senior Vice President, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt am Main

Martin Raiser - Country Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, World Bank, Kiev

Francis Malige EBRD Director for Financial Institutions, Western Balkans, Belarus, Moldova and Turkey, London

James Wilson President, Business Council Belarus-EU, Brussels

Presentations from international organizations, banks, foreign companies successfully operating in the Republic or who intend to invest in the economy of Belarus are also within the agenda of the Forum.

At the first plenary session from the Belarusian side Sergey Sidorsky, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, will deliver the major report. At the second plenary session Nicholai Snopkov, Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Belarus, will adress the audience on investment attraction and on ways of investing in the economy of the Republic.

The following issues will be considered under the work of parallel sections:

1. Banking and the investment attractiveness of financial market.

2. Prospect of infrastructure development within the Customs Union of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Promising areas for investment (industry and agriculture). Privatization as means of attraction investments.

4.  Innovation in the sphere of energy, issues on ecology. Renewable energy sources.

The possibility of signing of investment contracts on several projects within the Forum is now under study.

During the Forum a display stand of the Republic of Belarus for visual advertising of its investment opportunities and potential will be organized.   The Forum will also feature the presentation materials, positioning potential of Belarusian banks-partners of the Forum, industries, regions, free trade zones.


Programme of Belarussian Investment Forum
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